Effective and environmentally friendly

Conniflex is effective and environmentally friendly

There is now a new method for protecting forest plants against the pine weevil. This protection is called Conniflex. It is effective and environmentally friendly. Conniflex contains no insecticides. Nevertheless, the protective effect is equivalent to that offered by insecticides. The protective effect also lasts throughout the most critical period for the newly planted seedling, i.e. the first two years. One treatment is sufficient.

Conniflex is like a protective coat of fine-grained sand. The pine weevil can neither bite off the grains of sand nor gnaw its way between them. Nevertheless, the protective coating is so flexible that the plant can grow and develop normally. The protection is only on the stem, so it does not disrupt the plant’s root system. Other than the sand, the coating comprises solely a hardened, water-based glue. Conniflex can be used on all coniferous plants that are cultivated in pots, i.e. containerised seedlings. The plants are treated with Conniflex by the plant producer before they are packed and sent to the forest owner.

With Conniflex, we are moving towards a new era for forestry – insecticide-free forestry with all the benefits this has to offer. Effective and environmentally friendly at the same time. And a healthy working environment.

Conniflex has been developed over many years and has been tested in the field by independent researchers. Sweden’s largest forest owner, Sveaskog, and its business area Svenska Skogsplantor, are responsible for this development work. Conniflex has now been made available to all plant producers and forest owners – everyone who wants to make a sensible choice for themselves and their forest.

About insecticides

Insecticides are chemical substances that are particularly toxic to insects. At present, three types of chemical protection may be used against the pine weevil. The Swedish Chemical Inspectorate, Keml, is the authority that decides which insecticides may be used and how.

The substances that are approved for combating the pine weevil are Cypermethrin (preparation name Forester), Imidacloprid (preparation name Merit Forest WG) and Lambda cyhalothrin (preparation name Hylobi Forest).

These substances are highly toxic to insects and aquatic organisms, for example, and can cause skin irritation and allergies in people.

What does the FSC say about insecticides?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a voluntary certification for responsible forestry. According to the Swedish forestry standard, the use of chemical pesticides is not permitted in forestry. To combat the pine weevil, the Board of the Swedish FSC has granted dispensations for the use of the preparation.