This is how Conniflex works

Treating seedlings with Conniflex means that the plant is protected by a coating of sand that is glued to the plant. This protection prevents the pine weevil from damaging the bark. During treatment at the nursery, the plant passes through three stations: gluing, sanding and hardening.


In the gluing unit, the plant is first sprayed with a film of water. After this, a water-based glue is applied, which runs along the stem. To make sure that the glue reaches all the way to the bottom of the stem, as the pine weevil crawls up from the ground, the plant is placed on a vibrating plate which evenly distributes the glue.


In the sanding unit, fine grains of sand are blown onto the stem using compressed air. The sand sticks to the glue on the plant. Even though the grains of sand are very small, they are large enough to prevent the pine weevil’s jaws from getting past them. At the same time, the grains of sand are not so large that gaps are formed, through which the pine weevil could get to the stem. All of this is performed automatically inside the sanding unit, which is a closed unit. This is good for the working environment. The weight of the plants is not affected by the sand.


The glue is hardened in the drying unit. This is performed in a controlled environment to avoid drying out or damaging the plant. The protection is now complete, and the plants are transported onwards on the conveyor in order to be packed into boxes, for example.